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We are proud to say that all of Small Home Projects’s irrigation employees are experienced as irrigation technicians.


Below we’ve outlined our installation process for you:



How much water is needed?

We measure the water pressure & how many litres/minute are available to determine the type of sprinkler heads and how many zones will be needed


Where does Irrigation Go?

Your sprinklers or drip lines will be installed at the proper depth so that they are less likely to be punctures by lawn aeration, maintenence, and planting.

irrigation shuvel.jpg
irrigation water icon.jpg


What is the Water Coverage?

Depending on the water pressure, we will choose the best sprinkler/drip nozzles to get the best coverage for your lawn and garden.


How long do I Irrigagte?

We will determine the best running time for your zones to ensure sufficient coeverage as well as water conservation

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